Personal Assistant

When you came to France, you probably had certain ideas in mind,

  • you’d live a more relaxed lifestyle
  • you’d have time to do things you had missed doing in the hustle and bustle of the city
  • you’d live a simple life…..

Then the reality kicked in.  It’s a paperwork nightmare!  The relaxed two hour lunch time is not so relaxing if you are awaiting an important call from someone.  Many things we take for granted in the UK that can be done over the telephone or internet just don’t happen in the same way – a meeting has to be arranged.

But wait, wouldn’t you be much more relaxed if you had someone to accompany you through life’s little ordeals?  Someone who could guide you through what are sometimes painful processes?    

I’ll be there to accompany you, to ask your questions of the professionals, sometimes even ones you hadn’t thought of yourself.  I can accompany you on visits to the Doctor, Notaire, Immobilier, CPAM and so on.  I’ll translate your questions and the response back to you before the end of the appointment.

At the end, we can recap what’s happened, so that you fully understand what will happen next.

If the matter can be settled over the telephone I’ll do that on your behalf instead.  I’ll ask an agreed set of questions on your behalf and call you back with the answers.


If that sounds like the solution you are looking for, please give me a call.