House Sale

Have you ever thought you’d do a pretty good job at selling your house on your own?

French Immobiliers work in a completely different way from the way Estate Agents work in the UK.  They rarely work exclusively for a client/seller, which must be frustrating for them, and their fees can be astronomical in comparison to the cost of the house, albeit they are paid by the purchaser – who is not their client.  For this reason they are very vague about the geographical position of a property and often, before they will give you any information about the property at all, ensure that you’ve signed certain documents regarding their introduction fees etc. – all to ensure that they get the fees should you decide to proceed to purchase.  To me, this seems like a very frustrating service, as once you know where the property is, you may decide it’s not for you at all, and would not wish to view – whatever the price.

If you’d like to take control of the selling process yourself, give as much or as little information as you wish about your property, cut out the middle man, and liaise directly with a prospective viewer/purchaser, please contact me for discussion.