Executive Assistant

Have you ever thought that it would be a wonderful idea to have your own Executive Assistant in France?

Someone who is dedicated to your own personal affairs.

Someone who is discrete, trustworthy, honest and reliable.

Someone who speaks your language, understands the British culture and sense of humour, but who is also fluent in French, and what’s more, lives on your doorstep.

The Paperwork Queen is able to offer just such a service.

The power of the internet makes many things possible, things that could not have been imagined a mere ten years ago. 

  • Personal accounts can be created online for certain services, and can thus be accessed remotely. 
  • Skype is a wonderful invention for speaking and seeing the other person when you are not in the same room. 
  • Remote working means that I can be working on your behalf, whilst you are having fun elsewhere. 

For other things, nothing beats the personal touch, and for this reason, The Paperwork Queen is perfectly positioned to offer this service. 

We are so lucky to live in a part of France with wonderful road networks and little traffic, compared with some of the other more industrialised parts of France.  I am based in the North Charente, and can easily reach you within the triangle Suazé-Vaussais, Saint Junien and Angoulême, or about 50km from my home in Saint Laurent de Céris.  For many clients I won’t need to travel to meet them, and so there is no limitation of distance. 

Here is an example of the work I could carry out for you:

  • Keep up with your personal correspondence
  • Manage household affairs
  • Christmas card lists
  • Gift purchases
  • Banking
  • Holiday research
  • Ticket booking
  • Appointment booking
  • Accompanying you on visits
  • Helping you to set up your new business, website creation….

Every client is different, so every job is unique.  You may prefer to be more hands on to the next person – the choice is yours.  As your Private Secretary, I’ll be working with you to make your life easier, and achieve your own personal aims.

Discrete.  I’ll never divulge your personal information to anyone.

Trustworthy.  Your personal information is kept securely off-site.

Honest.  I’ll discuss at foreseeable problems with your first, and if problems arise along the way, I’ll keep you informed.  I will look for solutions to any problems too.

Reliable.  I will arrive on time for any booking, and fully prepared for the task in hand.