I‘m a British ex-pat of some six years now and I’m sure I can help other ex-pats find solution(s) to their problem(s).  Living in France is so VERY different from living in the UK, you wouldn’t think they are our nearest continental neighbours.

I first got the French bug when I was a child at primary school, when I started to learn the language.  I then studied it at University and after spending a year abroad, in the North East of the country, I decided that I would one day return, on a one way ticket.

Fortunately, the weather is much better here in the Charente than in Alsace Lorraine, but it did take a long time to get here!

Unlike many French nationals, I have a wealth of experience gained in the UK – from governmental, through legal to commercial and finally luxury car manufacturer – ooh, I forgot the bomb disposal robotics as well, just to make my experience well rounded.

I arrived here alone, knowing no-one in my little village – which makes me either very brave or mad – the jury is still out on that one.  I still get a buzz out of living here, and being able to bomb around the empty country lanes makes up for the frustrations of living in this foreign land that I love so dearly.